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I enjoy classic lolita fashion and sometimes a touch of goth and old school lolita. I also like inspirational photos of pretty places, architecture, libraries, afternoon tea, flowers, and anything else vintage, antique or interesting to me.

If pics don't have a source that means I took them.

I'm also goslowly at LJ ;)
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Spring in Central Park. I miss you already.

Model: Victorianme & Mr. Rabbit
Photo: Xin Lolita Photography

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My outfit for the Tea Party at Otakuthon in Montreal last week-end ! 

Headdress, earrings, necklace, ring x 2, handbag, socks, blouse, JSK : Moi-même-moitié 

Shoes : Offbrand 


perfect bb

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Moi Meme Moitie 2004 Chemical Lace JSK

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The Great Hare was installed at the Cambridge Sculpture Garden for CAFKA. in 2011. The Hare is 15 feet long and constructed from groomed turf grown over compost and topsoil.

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ジャンパースカート from Jane Marple

帽子 from Fint

オーバーニー from Innocent World

お靴 from  Alice and the Pirates

ネックレス from  Angelic Pretty

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