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I enjoy classic lolita fashion and sometimes a touch of goth and old school lolita. I also like inspirational photos of pretty places, architecture, libraries, afternoon tea, flowers, and anything else vintage, antique or interesting to me.

If pics don't have a source that means I took them.

I'm also goslowly at LJ ;)
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Futeku ふてく - Silk Kyou fukuroobi 京袋帯 -2014

Source : Furifu ふりふ

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Thank you Andreia for the lovely afternoon. Today my 2 year old daughter looked at me and said “Bela” three times, Bela is the Portuguese name for Belle, the disney princess and she is my favorite. I know it is silly but it made me happy. <3

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picnic outfit with glowing net … It was a long hike so I changed shoes halfway to save my ankles.

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Back from Rufflecon, I managed to finish the dress on the train up and won second place for the handmade contest! Better dress form pictures later, but I just wanted to share my new favorite thing, a commission by scorpionxstar of me in pigeon form.

That dress is amazing @_@

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What I wore to the super fun tea party on Revelry weekend. We also visited Peggy Porschen and ate delicious, butter loaded cupcakes. So good!

Outfit rundown:
Dress, Bag and Socks: Innocent World
Shoes: Bordello
Jacket: Bodyline

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Had a photoshoot on Saturday night! We did a lolita version of the Last Supper so I thought it would be great to use my skirt in a new coord. I just wish my wig came in time…

Outfit rundown:

Blouse: Glitter Tale

Skirt: Handmade by me

Cutsew: Offbrand

Everything else: Offbrand

Love the skirt!

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