Solar Flight

I enjoy classic lolita fashion and sometimes a touch of goth and old school lolita. I also like inspirational photos of pretty places, architecture, libraries, afternoon tea, flowers, and anything else vintage, antique or interesting to me.

If pics don't have a source that means I took them.

I'm also goslowly at LJ ;)


I’m having an awful day so I came up with some coords to cheer myself up….

Skirt: AatP
Bolero, bag: IW
Blouse: Zara
Gloves: Vintage
Rest: Offbrand and handmade

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Houses of the Holy

Holy shit

Today in Costume and Decor we were learning about the differences between Baroque decoration and Rococo decoration and this just really fucked me up. 

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Ex tempore mini-meetup today at the local tea room!

My petti looks sorta deflated for some reason… ;;

Dress and bonnet are Anna House, blouse is AP, rest is offbrand

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More of me and my lovely friends today :D

girl with the hair of an angel! I love everythign about her look!

hair chan! ( ☆∀☆)

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- Gothic and Lolita Bible -

I want to be shiro lolita

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