Solar Flight

I enjoy classic lolita fashion and sometimes a touch of goth and old school lolita. I also like inspirational photos of pretty places, architecture, libraries, afternoon tea, flowers, and anything else vintage, antique or interesting to me.

If pics don't have a source that means I took them.

I'm also goslowly at LJ ;)
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I wanted to pay homage to all those Edwardian sportswomen who were brave enough to play badminton in crisp white impractical dresses. 

Photos taken by Mlle-Marianne

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The latest addition to my handmade lolita wardrobe, Bordeaux Cotton Floral Dress. You can read more about this dress over on my sewing blog by clicking here. Thank you! More new garments coming soon!


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Swan Lake today (skirt is from Marchen die Prinzessin, bag is from Heart E, headpiece is from Accessorize and the rest is from mysterious places such as etsy, the accessories section in closet child and Ali Express.) Offbrand ahoy!

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